I’m Caitlin Shogren…


As a graphic designer with a background in journalism, you could say I’m used to rolling with the punches. I see every piece that I work on as flexible and structured at the same time. That’s what I like seeing in business. Business can have that sense of structure that many people thrive in, yet it lets creative minds flourish by pushing the envelope for how to reach and appeal to people. 

You see it all the time. Take a book for example. No matter how creative and world renowned the content may be, writers still need someone or the skill to keep the rigid rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation intact.

I’ve curated my career to create content, design information, and tell an abstract story in simplified terms. I still consider my arsenal of skills as a swiss-army knife. I can write, design, and, most importantly, create. 

What’s Creatively Working?

I first started Creatively Working as my portfolio. I was a lonely, head-in-the-clouds job seeker and wanted to make a good impression for my potential future employers. I saw a lot of my friends, family and school-mates grab interesting, creative jobs, business start-ups and freelancing. But a thought kept bouncing around in my head: Why can’t that be me? 

So, I’m doing something about it. With my graphic design skills being sharpened by my 8-to-5, I’m branching out with my blog to sharpen my design, writing, and marketing skills.

I hope that you can find the needed business advice that you need through Creatively Working. I want to help you discover and create your ideal success story for your professional career.