The least sleep since...

Well the last three days I feel like I have gotten some of the least amount of sleep due to stress, Missourian duties and working. I have had two desk shifts this week, one in the afternoon and one in the morning, and had a life story assigned at both. For the first one, I felt like a complete failure. While I really don't mind obituaries or profile stories, it was a traumatizing experience. While I did accuracy check with the sister of Franklin Leroy Fenton, I still messed up which I did not take likely. It is one of my worst fears to have something be wrong, plagiarized, etc. which I know is a good thing for my field but when I saw that I had inaccurately put information in, I was stressed about 10x the amount that I was about accuracy checks. It's not that I condone them, I'm glad that we use them to make the most accurate possible. I just got very nervous and quite paranoid over it afterwards and prays that it never happens again. But not by luck because that would defeat the purpose of learning from this. The one that I did today(Wed.) was another matter entirely. When confronted with Earl Chandler's story, I almost didn't get it. The family was slightly wary about letting me talk to them but for understandable reasons. They didn't know who I was and didn't want anything to hurt the memory of their father, who was very modest, from what the family told me. The family was wondering why we were doing a story on him and if he was singled out or part of a larger group of individuals that had been given a life story. The family needed to discuss whether or not they wanted the story to be published based on how the father acted and how he would respond compared to if they wanted him to be honored in this way. The son ended up talking with me along with some coworkers at his last job at Landmark bank but I was quite nervous that it wouldn't happen.

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