Rolling out the films

Movies seem to be on everyones radar in the upcoming months so what's in store? Some big names like Skyfall and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 have already been released but The Great Gatsby, Oz the Great and Powerful and Les Misérables have yet to be released. 1. Skyfall: Oh James Bond how we have missed you. Daniel Craig makes a very dashing James Bond although a little older than expected by some but his cool demeanor in his recent Bond movies give him some credit. As the current 7th highest grossing film this year, Skyfall is dominating as the 23rd addition to the Bond franchise.

2. As the final addition to the Twilight trilogy, Stephanie Meyer isn't doing too bad herself. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is currently #1 in the box office but is not as high as Breaking Dawn: Part 1. As it stands however who is to know if it will eventually surpass the previous films in time.

3. We finally hear the wizard's point of view in the classic Wizard of Oz tale in Oz the Great and Powerful. With James Franco as the leading man and Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams as his leading ladies, the movie seems to be a show-stopper for Disney. If viewers have seen Wicked and the Original Wizard of Oz, this one is sure to be a memorable addition.

4. The Great Gatsby. The original Robert Redford addition just wasn't enough so here come Leonardo DiCaprio's version. Scott Fitzgerald's classic is a long awaited delight for DiCarprio and Toby McGuire fans but will it ever really hit theaters? This movie has been pushed back a few times, mainly for lack of competition against the Hobbit and Les Misérables, so we keep hearing farther in the future dates for previews. Hopefully viewers will see it as worth the wait.

5. Thankfully you do not need to know French for this film however knowing the French Revolution will get you far in the Broadway-show-turned-movie Les Misérables. With Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seifeld, and Hugh Jackman to name a few, this musical is already sending chills. The movie was created without pre-recordings so the songs so if viewers have seen the Broadway show, expect some changes when hearing the original songs. All the words might be there but it might sound different.

With all the hype, movie lovers should be pretty content for the next couple of months.