So I said I would update everyone on my life a bit more throughout the year so, hopefully, now is a good time.

Workout Inspiration


So I feel like I haven’t done much on this front. I’ve been trying to take my lunch a few more times a week, which I guess is somewhat of an improvement but otherwise nothing too new here. I feel like in this category, I’ve laid out a lot of plans but have executed much. I know I’m planning on working on adaptations of this workout and my new place should be big enough to start running/walking a bit more.


I got a new place in Stillwater! No more commuting for me. I’ll miss not paying rent but I know it will be good to have my own place and space to do with as I please. I’ve been slowly packing up my things and sorting through everything that I want to keep or leave/throw away/donate. It’s a good spot that’s not too college based and is a bit bigger than my last place for a better price too.

OSU Business


No side hussle yet but work is going well. I feel like I’m pushing myself to look at things differently for both different platforms and audiences. I’ve been working with many different departments and events so it’s been a good way to get to know people. You can look at some of my new work in the OSU Business section of my Work tab.


This is somewhat going well. I’ve been steadily paying off any debt I have for the last few months. I’m taking a brief break from Twine as my paycheck fluctuates due to back logged retirement installments. I haven’t touched that account though. I’ve also started an Albert fund and an Acorns account. (The Acorns link provides you and me with an additional $5 for the referral when you sign up!) Both work similarly to Twine, where they take a predetermined amount from your account, and grow from there. Albert takes funds as needed so, its not as structured as Twine but still helps you budget and save for future priorities. Acorns is an investment account and can take a predetermined amount every month as well as extra cash. It tracks your everyday purchases and rounds up to the nearest or adds another dollar. When the extra change reaches $5, it takes it out of your account. Both accounts are free and have been a great addition to my finances in my opinion.

Otherwise, not many updates to speak of. Just wanted to check in with the few people who read my blog and thought it’d be a good time in my day to do it. Until next time!