Why should you trust my professional advice?


Maintaining a professional business persona is very important. Picture this scenario:

There are two employees. They have the same position within a business but have very different trajectories with where this position may be able to take them in their careers.

Employee one rushes into the office at the last minute in a wrinkled shirt and sloppy slacks, waltzing in with a coffee and donut in each hand. Their desk is a cluttered, disorganized mess of papers and projects. While their desk might be part of a collective cubicle arrangement, it stands out with its mounds of memos and trash. The employee might look laid back despite this amount of chaos on top of their workplace but they’re carefree and easy-going with their co-workers, despite no one stopping by their work station.

Now picture this:

Employee two walks in 15 minutes before the rest of the office in a pressed jacket, button-up shirt and a pair of straight dress slacks. They walk into the room with purpose and sit down at a cleared desk with an orderly stack of papers, a to-do list attached at the top. When their co-workers arrive, each stops by to catch up and collaborate on present or future projects.

Each employee’s attitude, professionalism, and mindset are able to transform a job opportunity into a career path.

As an employee, you…

  • Might not know what you want to do in your career.

  • Know your current job is not the career you want.

  • Are working towards a career change.

  • Want to create a business for yourself.

For some people, a job is just a job. They show up, complete their work, and recieve their compensation. There is no ambition to be promoted, to succeed, to improve within their current position, so why bother acting like this position is important to them in any way, shape or form?

I’m here to give you a few reasons why a successful, professional attitude is foundational for your career, no matter your employment at present.

Who am I?

You might be wondering who I am to tell you about the importance of being professional in the workplace.

Caitlin Shogren

I’m Caitlin Shogren. I have work experience in various industries: retail, food, newspapers, education, aquatics… Short of saying, I’ve moved around in the career pool for a while.

I found my most current career trajectory while I was designing newspapers in Wisconsin. I had moved across the latitude of the United States from my hometown and I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential or the level of success I knew I wanted to reach.

I was bored and not challenged enough in my position.

I took a leap and went back to school when I was repeatedly rejected from gaining additional work as a graphic designer. Earning another degree took me another year and a half but it was worth my successful reintegration into the workforce. I found my current employment as a graphic designer at a Oklahoma State University within the Marketing and Communications department at the Spears School of Business within six months of finishing my third degree program.

I love my current professional work experience. I get to design some great creative projects, work with some creative and fun co-workers, and learn all the time by being in a school that promotes and encourages continuous learning from its faculty and staff.

Being a part of a university allows you to learn to be ambitious and set new goals all the time. I’m always looking for a new skill to learn, a new habit to incorporate into my life and how to support and encourage my coworkers to aim for new goals of their own.

So why did I create Creatively Working?

I first started Creatively Working as my portfolio.

I was a lonely, head-in-the-clouds job seeker and wanted to make a good impression for my future employers. I saw a lot of my friends, family and school-mates grab interesting, creative jobs, business start-ups or freelancing.

But a thought kept bouncing around in my head: Why can’t that be me? 

So, I’m doing something about it. With my graphic design skills being sharpened by my 8-to-5, I’m branching out with my blog to sharpen my design, writing, and marketing skills all in one.

I want Creatively Working to be your one-stop-shop to create and build successful professional careers.

Here’s what Creatively Working focuses on:

  • Professionalism tips for the workplace to help you develop a successful mindset

  • Business start-up advice and resources

  • Personal Growth goals and Self-Improvement motivation

I hope that you can find the needed professional business advice that you’re seeking through Creatively Working. I want to help you discover and create your ideal success story for your professional career.