How Marie Kondo Sparked my Sense of Joy

How Marie Kondo Sparked my Sense of Joy

So I’ve watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo a few times. Count it: three times.

Since many of my friends and family could probably benefit from tidying their life, whether it’s been a goal for the new year or they just need a fresh start, these are a few of my thoughts on Marie Kondo’s products.

The Book

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the book. I have the book but haven’t cracked open to the title page as of yet. That being said, I’ll hopefully read it to get the complete experience and be able to implement some of Kondo’s methods when I move into my own place.

However, I do see the book as an easy read. It’s compact and hardback so it’d make great mobile, bathroom or leisurely reading. I wouldn’t read the book or watch the show while doing your own de-cluttering though. I think the best way is to have a sort of plan of attack for tackling your mess. It’ll give you the chance to formulate the steps and give your undivided attention to each category Kondo outlines in process.

The Series

Tidying Up

It might only have 8 episodes that are about 30 minutes each but when watching them all together (or at least a few at a time) produces such a sense of calm and accomplishment. All from the comfort of eating messy takeout in your cluttered house.

With the Netflix series being so short, I can only guess at how or if they continue to produce more episodes. Kondo went over many of her techniques throughout the series which leaves me to wonder how many others she can incorporate through more episodes. That’s not to say it couldn’t be something similar to a TLC or HGTV show, like Say Yes to the Dress or Fixer Upper, but the way it is currently formatted doesn’t leave her much room to continue without contributing those new ways of storing or folding. Unless she keeps with the mini-series format, she might not be able to produce much more content without restructuring the shows dynamic.


The rest of my family refuses to watch the show. My sister has a problem with seeing clutter, even though they are fixing the clutter. My mom just won’t watch it. I haven’t polled the rest of the family but my brother would probably not be interested and really have no opinion on if my other sister would want to watch it. I was able to get my boyfriend to watch an episode or two but he has such sparse belongings here in Oklahoma that he doesn’t really need or can connect to the premise of the show.

That being said, I’ve heard people rave about binge watching this show. I think many people associate with the cast concerning the amount of materials in ones home. I see her organization as minimalist but there is something refreshing about restarting your home with only the essentials, similar to The Downsizers.


Marie Kondo

I’m more likely to go through my clothes at the moment than anything else. There are a few things I don’t wear or don’t enjoy wearing within the last few years. Other than that, while I’m still at home, I haven’t been able to look through my collection of things but I think that once I move it’ll be a great starting point to not feel as cluttered and messy.

I tend to stay pretty organized, but I also tend to like to be frivolous. I have a collection of mugs from trips and an assortment of books that litter my room and bookshelf. Besides those, I feel like I most benefited from From Students to Improvements, where the main concern was just consolidating and weeding things out to move a space into adulthood rather then college adolescence.

Overall, I gained a sense of calm from Marie Kondo’s series and methods. It was the organization I didn’t know I needed. I’ve started to incorporate her saying with many things to get me through the day and numerous decisions that I make throughout it.



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