What Is Creatively Working?

Creatively Working is a successful lifestyle blog. This blog provides professionalism in the workplace, how to start a business or start a blog, and how to find your own start up entrepreneurship ideas.

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What do I do?

My graphic design credentials range from newspaper layout designs to digital marketing materials. I’m willing to work on a wide range of products that catch my interests.

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My Portfolio

I’ve worked in many different fields and in many different industries. Check out my portfolio to look at any of my photography, designs, writing, and editorial works that might be of interest to you.

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Caitlin Shogren-Creatively Working

My name is Caitlin Shogren

I started Creatively Working to help you build a successful lifestyle.

There is no one way to measure success. Whether you’re finding money saving tips, how to be professional in the workplace, or how others have built their businesses, I hope everyone is able to find something worthwhile.