Unexpected Inspiration

This week was very overwhelming to say the least. Although, contrary to the popular belief, it was not due to the 30-40 page reading assignments that were to be completed before almost all 5 of my classes this week. After the spring semester, I really did not know how to approach getting involved on campus. I had been involved in the MU Rowing club in the Fall of '11 but I honestly just could not encourage myself to continue due to finances. I had floor government with Hatch 5 but, now that I am living in Hawthorn, that obviously is not an option. I have 2 jobs so that takes up some time but when you work in retail you realize you do not have the option of working 30 hour weeks. So off I went to the Journalism School's Open House.

Now I had been to the Open house last year. I was not that impressed, especially since I was continually pushed, prodded and stepped on by overly eager freshmen. This year was a lot better. I arrived early, actually got the Tiger Strip ice cream promised to us, and got valuable information that I was looking for in various clubs that the Journalism school offered.

One that stood out for me was the Kappa Alpha Mu/ National Press Photographers Association. I have always loved photography so I thought this would be a good outlet despite my sequence looking towards Magazine Editing. I visited their Internship night the following evening. It was really helpful and offered a broad view of experiences from various students' internships. I thought it was really entertaining how the pictures each photographer presented their own personalities and how they versatile their aspect of view became throughout their experience. If anyone is interested in joining, I would highly recommend doing so, even if you are not a photojournalism major. All their information that they shared with us was really helpful for the universal aspect of working in journalism and offers another outlook on what photojournalists' expectations of journalism represents.

Challenge Accepted