Presentation is NOT Everything

In the world of Journalism, everyone makes the comment that the way we present news is changing. I have no problem believing that since reading less the 140 characters from twitter tends to be the maximum capacity for some of the Y generation. We want to be presented with something that consists of easy, fast, and memorable. Diving into the story and completely submerging ourselves in the content, context, and representation of the information that is trying to be conveyed to us is something that most people in our generation fail to realize is dissipating. We groan when asked to read a 200 page novel in 2 weeks. We gawk at the thought of picking up a newspaper. We gasp at the idea of trying to understand a concept in class via our textbooks. The fact that we rely on the short and simple way of media is astounding. That is why I think most newspapers are reverting to magazine journalism platforms. Such as The Times did when confronting the London Olympics. The pictures and newsworthiness of the events made The Times an opening to change their image of traditional print media and thankfully with exclamations of praise. The sad thing is with this change is that we mainly see buzzwords, expansive pictures and very little context to meet the eye. We see what we want to perceive and sometimes fail to see that the presentation of the information does not give us the whole story. We need to learn and accept that viewing the fancy cover of a magazine or reading the twitter statement does not give us all the facts. We must dig deeper to realize the story's full potential. Even if it does mean you "waste" a hour that you would have been watching Jersey Shore.


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