The Library has everything

So my first center piece! YAY! I was quite intimidated when Scott and Claire got the center piece within the first day of reporting but it wasn't as breaking as their's so it wasn't so bad after all. Doing this piece, I thought it wouldn't take long to finish up. Make a few phone calls, ask a few questions, have photo push the shutter button a few times but no. Apparently, I was supposed to make other arrangements as it took about two weeks to finish this 13 inch article. Mostly due to Mr. Cameron being out of town, I thought this would never happen. I think that since he didn't want call back within the first three days of trying to track him down, I just left it. I was defeated when I was told by Liz that I needed to find something else. I guess that was the magic that happened because what do you know. When I tried calling his number again when we started the new week, I couldn't believe I wasn't talking to an answering machine like expected. I don't think I have ever been that excited for someone to talk with me over the phone. And that's saying a lot since I'm the one who uses the phone the least in my family.

I especially like meeting this sources. Aimee Leonhard and Ben Cameron were some of the sweetest people that I had met while on assignment. They were just really happy while still being relaxed and easy going with everyone. They really made learning about the donation a great experience.

Bechdel test: How effective is it?

The least sleep since...