VW Bug fest

So while I am waiting for people to call me back about this tennis scavenger hunt I thought I would talk about my experiences at the VW Bug and Bus Bash. This was a really fun and relaxed event to attend. I knew very little about VW to begin with and by the end, I found out their is a subculture for it. When talking to these people, many of the customers had owned more than their fair share of VWs, whether they be Beetles, Things, Vans, etc. Most of the people that I talked to had owned about 5 VWs. Many had attended countless shows involving VWs and had been to St. Louis and Kansas City for their love of the company. I was really surprised to find out about a club in St. Louis, I believe on restoring and keeping in touch about VW restoration and enjoying their cars. It was a really interesting experience that I was not expecting to find in this car show but I was glad I did.

I really didn't know how I was going to frame my story when I found Quint. I told him I was going to find two more sources before I left, as I had been there since 9 a.m. and it was then about noon. Apparently I made the last one become the one the mattered. My lead and ending revolved around my last interview of the day but it made the story hold together.

I think my favorite part of the day was when I found a family with this taxi themed car. I was conversing with the mom and she mentioned to me that if they changed the theme of the car they would change it into an M&M car. I was so excited when she revealed that her husband had a M&M obsession. My grandparents have the same obsession and their basement is filled with M&M merchandise. It was a very cool connecting moment and definitely made my day. The other event that made my day was Shaina's compliment on the story when I went to go edit it. I was really trying to make it more in depth than the police reports and GA desk assignments that I had previously written so I was just worried with the personal connection with the people of the event.

Waiting Game

Where art Thou, Sources?