1 Hour was all that was needed

So I went to the Show-Me State Games today. Some people are probably thinking that description is not satisfactory considering there are like a thousand games going on and what type I am referring to. To get to the chase, I went to the powerlifting competition out at Lange Middle School. There were so many muscular guys there. However, I picked someone totally opposite of the stereotype muscle head and picked the smallest girl there for my story. She was the story, no question to it, despite many people going around her to get to their own destination. She actually reminded me of myself around that age. Her mom made a comment about the fact that she would hole herself up reading all the time. That was totally me. She made the same remark I did when I was that age too. When her mom would tell her to go outside she would take her book and go read outside instead of doing what her mother intended and play or exercise. She was a really cool kid though and I really enjoyed talking with her. Definitely made getting up early on a Saturday worth it. I hope she likes the story! Her mom requested a link to the story and I told her about the 24 hours to view but her parents seemed very delighted about my interest in her competition.

And I'm back

The Magic #10! The number when we can actually start using numerals