Almost there but waiting at the intersection

While I feel like I am doing nothing, I have been having the same problem I have been having all summer. A lot of people just not getting back to me. At least I have heard from some of them and have a time set up to talk. Some of the others, I'm just waiting for some information. Of course all while I have to move tomorrow. Thankfully I'm moving to the building next door, so I doubt it will take long especially if I do most of it tonight. That and my other online class ended today/tomorrow. Now only if my job was just as accommodating at the moment.

I'm getting a lot of prewriting done though. Mainly just waiting for multiple sources to make the pieces more coherent so at least getting as much as I can get done beforehand.

Then me and Youngrae are shooting our multimedia piece tomorrow afternoon and Show Me is going on all weekend. I can do it!

Now back to work before I leave for the paying job.


Looking to the past to determine the future