New week! Good Outlook!

Well while last week was exciting, it definitely could have gone better. I'll start with a synopsis of what occurred last week and then go on to why it's better.

Work: I got a new employee to look after! This is slightly good news as we need some coverage at the desk during certain times but little has happened with said employee. I still need to train and move her into the schedule. So that will be something to look forward to in the next couple weeks.

Social Life: I went on TWO dates! With two different guys but hey don't judge. It was definitely exciting but neither really lead anywhere. It felt a bit like prom: it's exciting to get ready for, but the dance isn't really that fun. Oh well, it was worth a shot and I fully realized how badly I suck at mini-golf and bowling.

I at least got to hang out with my friends a bit more this week. Even if it was only between classes or a quick bit to eat on Friday.

Class: Dread! It's at the point in the semester where I just don't care about going to class some days. The halfway mark came and went though which is reassuring but doesn't make it any less daunting to finish the semester. Reading about 400 pages a week is getting old. Even though I can skive off on some of the readings it is starting to become a struggle to read some of the books and authors.

Upcoming for next week:

Work: I get paid. This is essential for any college student and since I worked up the maximum number of hours that I was allowed (unintentionally) I will be getting an awesome paycheck. It also helps that I get paid every week since both jobs have different pay days. So getting about $100-300 per week is always a nice installment to my life with which I welcome with ease. Now if only I can stop buying clothes and becoming more like my little sister that would be awesome. At least she would approve of the clothes I buy and the fact that I get them at a discounted price will please my mom to no end. And the clothes aren't black!

I also don't have to work next weekend at either job, which will lower my paycheck but hey it's my birthday on Friday and I will have no inclination to come in to work no matter what.

Social Life: I TURN 21 ON FRIDAY! That and I have another date that Saturday. :) More of a traditional date than bowling or mini-golf, dinner and a show(there's a musical on campus), but the guy has a bit more promise as in we have yet talked about sports. So hopefully it will be a good way to spend my weekend.

Class: Well, this will always be a pain. I think I have 2 tests through this week and one will be on my birthday. But the test on my birthday should be pretty easy. I scored a 95 on the last test so it was a good outcome without a lot of preparation. At least I can stand going to that class the most out of the others. And then I have my visual communication midterm so hopefully that will go well since there are only two tests in that class. At least I only have to wait about one more week until I start reading Pride and Prejudice in my Jane Austen class! Right after Mary Wollstonecraft.

So, hopefully everything will go right this week and meet my high expectations. If not, well that's why sleep and music are necessary in my life.

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