Interning at D magazine

Well, I haven't written in a while and since I started a new website generator, thanks to my photojournalism class, I'd thought I'd give everyone an update.

Not much has been going on at the moment but my internship has been a good new experience. Besides learning about journalism, I've learned a lot more about living on my own and managing my money. I think that's been the biggest personal change that I've had to go through with only one part time paycheck coming in. But I've managed with quite a bit of help from my parents, whom I will always be grateful towards. 

On the magazine side of things, I've realized how much of it is reliant on blogs and websites. The majority of my work has been dealing with posting updates for real estate listings and writing articles based on press releases for the Real Estate Daily and Healthcare Daily blogs that are connected with DCEO magazine. (To see some of my clips, click here!) I feel like it's been productive to keep everyone mindful of the magazine's presence but never realized how much content was needed to producing it throughout the two month period between magazine issuances.

I do think it has been an eye opener as well to see how much interaction with the advertising and art departments have with the editorial side of the magazine. We have so many meetings between the departments that it makes it easier to see a clearer vision for what the company wants out of the magazine. 

In terms of a social life, I feel like a bit of a dud. I'm either at the internship or at my job. And when I'm not at those I'm at home trying to sleep and catch up on a day of Bones and Castle reruns. Oh well. I have made friends at both places but nothing that really goes outside of the office. Plus when your so broke you can't even go to happy hour, it's probably a good idea to stay home anyway.

I have about two weeks to go with my internship and then it's straight back to Columbia. That will be a fun three days. Dallas to Edmond. Edmond to Columbia within about 50 hours or so. What a joy. 

Off to do more work!

Last day at DCEO

Near the finish line!