Some Senior Stinking Semesters

So my last year has begun in full force. Work, Work #2, Magazine Staff, classes, Wishmakers. Lots to handle. I've been complaining a lot which I hope to remedy this semester and looking at the bright side of things. I don't think this is the case as of yet, but I consider it a good goal to keep in mind.

On that note, here are a few of my upcoming goals for the semester:

1. Survive Mag Staff. 

This class is my capstone so go figure it would be difficult. It entails: pitching new stories weekly, blog posts weekly, production nights on Monday and Tuesday, five calendar events weekly, fact checking, editing and proofing accepted stories and weekly meetings with our beat members. Doing all the extra work outside of class has proven to be slightly difficult to manage with my other classes and work but I've gotten it done for the last three weeks so maybe now things will start coming together in a resemblance of a routine of sorts.

2. Lose 50 lbs.

This goal will span the whole year. I want to make sure I'm exercising and eating in a healthy manner. I started realizing how awful I am at eating junk food and doing physical activities. I mainly put it off to being too busy, and, while I am busy, this week has been a trial of sorts of when I can exercise throughout the week. It hasn't gone well but if I tweak it around and remember that each week can be moved around a bit, I think I'll be fine.

3. Going out more.

While I constantly run around, I always seem to be doing a chore of some sort. I understand that my senior year is important but I also want to have fun. Making a few poor decisions won't kill me. At least if I'm smart about them. Staying out too late is the least of my worries sometimes. Thankfully, I have some awesome friends to make sure my decisions don't totally suck.

I'll stick with these for now but who knows, maybe something interesting will pop up that I want to push myself towards.

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