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So I've been busy this semester if anyone is still keeping up with me at this point. Most of my time was taken up with Mag Staff last semester at Vox magazine and this semester is no different with Publication Design but much less stressful. The class allows me to be more creative in my opinion and still allows me to have a bit more structure than being an editor was at the time.

As I have started finishing my school career for the time being, I started to look into some older posts from the last year (which have been fewer than I had hoped for) but I looked back specifically on my goals that I had set for myself in September. Out of the three, I at least conquered two of them (Wahoo!) and the third, while it won't happen by the deadline I gave myself, it is on my horizon. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish it when I'm not stressing over enormous amounts homework or classes to attend. I'm still juggling just as many jobs that probably equal the same amount as a full-time occupation at this point (without getting paid a monetary salary for all of them) so transitioning to an "adult" job might not be that different in terms of the hours, just a different workload depending on where I go into.

Looking back at my time at MU has been an immensely positive experience that I can't believe I survived. The journalism program along with all of the activities I've been involved in over the years has been a struggle at times but because of the people I've been able to meet and the memories I've acquired, I couldn't have asked for a better four year. I especially couldn't have done it without Hannah Pederson or Ashley Reese for keeping me sane over schoolwork and helping me remember to have a day off for some fun once in a while. My parents and family are always awesome by lending an ear to listen, an arm for a hug or an account with money in it for whatever I might need when expenses were overwhelming.

When I noticed I only had an exact month until graduation yesterday, I didn't know what to make of anything. I'm still searching for a job in my field but I'm trying to remain positive and keep my options open to whatever I might find. I can't wait to walk across the stage though and finally accept my (fake) diploma and see all the work that I've done and accomplished over the last four years. It's been a wild ride but I couldn't be happier and more confident in my journalism career now that it is ending.

Hopefully I'll be able land a job in a the next couple of months that I can brag about next time!

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