Six month check-in

So for whatever reason, this post has been one of my biggest hurdles of the summer. I started school in January (Go Badgers!), but I have yet to make a "I-finished-the-semester-in-one-piece" post. I've opened the same draft multiple times to just close a blank template over and over again. I've tried blaming summer classes, work, trying to socialize, etc. but it seems like I'm just putting off something that I once found pretty easily done at one time.

To try combating this procrastination, I've turned to my most trusted go to: reading. I've been reading a blog, Smart Twenties, and have been really trying to figure out how to stay consistent and motivated. It's still a work in progress but it's been a big help in giving encouragement. My library has expanded a bit more than I'd like to admit (mostly for my wallet's sake), but each book seems to help a bit more for me to figure out what I'm wanting to do with my life and make said life a bit more enjoyable. If you're looking for a good read, You are a Badass at Money and its counterpart, You are a Badass, are both pretty good. The vocabulary makes it really easy to read and the voice is relatable as well, especially for younger readers (if the profanity didn't pull them in at first glance that is).

I've also been trying to look into art as a motivation as well. Since starting school in January, I've been looking into a wide array of artists and designers that have both changed the art world and my own views and outlook as an artist and human being. One of my favorites has been Alan Kitching. (The preceding link is a great book full of his pieces that is up for sale but also a great way to learn about the artist as well.) His work in letterpress is revolutionary and colorful. Other artists are Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. Both are pretty well known in the art community and deal a lot with the use of materials as art rather than creating a narrative through art.

I feel like I have done a lot of growing these last six months so I'm hoping the next six will be just as lucrative if not more so. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few of my projects that I've worked on through the year and you'll really see how busy I've become! Until next time!

Being post the third degree

Being post the third degree

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