Interview for Hire

Over the last few months, I’ve been interviewing like crazy for the right position. So, I decided to give a few tips that help me see into the position and determine if I’d be a good fit into the company.

  1. Where does the position focus its efforts?

    I know I have a primary focus with print publications so I tend to focus on positions that will work well with that skill set. That does not to mean that I don’t look beyond those skills, but I know where my strengths lie. I tend to ask what the primary focus would be within the first one to three months of hire to be sure I can handle the role.

  2. What drew you to the city for the job?

    I went across the country for my first job and it was great for the time being. I knew it would help me be independent and develop my own routine. Going to Madison after college was an awesome experience. Asking about aspects of the city from people already there, especially if you are going out of state or the country, is a good resource to utilize on top of researching the position, city and company beforehand.

  3. How do you see this position developing?

    Like the first question, I want to see how the position might develop and, by expansion, how I might expand my skill set. I want to know I want stay too stagnant in my professional aspirations. I want to be able to do the skills but also still be able to grow and experiment with my skills.

  4. Why did you decide to go to X, Y, and Z company/university/etc.?

    I think this question can lead to many pertinent aspects of the position overall. I think it helps to tell how the department functions, as many people on the hiring department will usually interact with the candidate of the position pretty regularly. It also gives you a brief background of their own work and how they might function and process things.

  5. Is there anything in my application or resume that is lacking for the position?

    I like asking this question because, again, it tells me what the department would potentially want to focus on but also to see where I could improve more in my skills. Professional experience is important but that’s not to say that you can’t learn other skills outside of that on your own. I’m a big advocate in learning as you’re going. Learn how to code, illustrate, layout, etc. Do whatever you feel is potentially a weakness for employers and don’t let them see it as one.

I know there are many questions people think about asking at the end of an interview but these are only a few that I enjoy.

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Being post the third degree