Apartment Frenzy

Apartment Frenzy


So despite going back home a few times, the last two weeks have been exciting as I put my apartment together.

After my family helped me load and unload a U-Haul, I still didn’t see how I had a lot of stuff. I think in the scheme of things, I probably don’t but overall its still taken me two weeks to really unpack everything.


I started with my bathroom to be honest. My mom had gotten some of the stuff squared away in there but I was still rummaging through bags earlier this week. Thankfully, it only took me an hour or two to figure out a system. I’m still doing the KonMari method so I tried to keep everything off the countertop. I currently have my brush, mascara and toothpaste/toothbrush out which I’m fine with, due to the fact I use them pretty much daily. I did have to get my shower and toilet looked at by maintenance due to some low water pressure but it seemed like an easy enough fix.

I’m on the hunt currently for something to hold my jewelry though. I don’t have much but I would like to display and have easier access to my options of jewelry. I don’t wear it often, except for a ring and necklace that I were almost daily, but it’d be nice to see options rather than rummaging around for them in my drawer.


I then went to the kitchen. I’m still not done in this room, but I feel a lot better about it. I no longer have about five boxes littering my countertop. Everything is stored as far as food, thankfully, but I’m still working on the last of the kitchen ware. I’m still rearranging everything as needed so I’ll probably need some time to work it out but otherwise it’s been ok.


I finally hung up my clothes! Clothes and laundry tend to be my kryptonite, however, I finally got everything hung and stored in my dresser. I should probably go back through my dresser and organize that but otherwise everything is put up in the bedroom. I’m not sure about my laundry basket, as I might move it into the closet so it’s not out in the open but otherwise it’s not too bad. I ended up moving the luggage to my spare room’s closet since it was cluttering mine and there’s currently nothing important in that space.

On the note of my closet, I finally set up my shoe rack. If you know me, I’m not afraid of getting my tools out but, like laundry, put it off for as long as possible. Thankfully, the shoe rack was pretty easily assembled. I didn’t even really need tools. For now it works well but might have to replace in the future depending on how it holds up.

Living Room

My living room really didn’t need much unpacking. There isn’t much to do in there besides really arrange it how I see fit. I think it will be nice once I get everything situated though. I will probably have to go and get a new couch as my old one broke one of the back panels after the move. It’s what tax refund money is for, I guess.

Spare room

The spare room, unfortunately, doesn’t have much of a purpose yet. My bookcase is currently in there, which has been unfilled as of yet. It’s mainly housing all of the craft and art supplies from my time at Wisconsin, along with other important documents like my taxes, diplomas, etc. I’m hoping to eventually turn it into an office and/or a spare room. I don’t plan on having them often but it’d be nice to have an extra bed just in case.

So, for over two weeks, I don’t think my progress has been too dismal. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the last of it up tonight or over the weekend, somewhat.