A day in the life

A day in the life

So I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been trying to update more often than previously, which has been happening, but maybe not to my standards.

Going from a yearly- to a monthly-basis hasn’t been that difficult, nor do I think it hasn’t been helpful. I’m able to see more transitions in my life and what I’ve been gaining interest in. Whether I’m looking into my financials, cleaning, or just learning about something new, I know I’ve been able to see my progress in those areas since posting and writing about them.

School Year

It’s been great working as a part of the staff at a school/university. I get the benefit of having a structured routine and come in everyday at a normal hour, for the most part. I still get the bonus of having busy and low-key points in the year concerning my workload.

Currently, as it’s summer and graduation was last week, I’m able to take more time with my work. I’m usually constantly on the go and all about efficiency (That’s newspapers for ya). Now I’m able to illustrate and make more of an impact on my illustration and layouts for my audience and coworkers.

Seeing as my family is still going through school and university, it’s nice to be able coordinate with them and not having as hectic a schedule as I did while in the journalism sphere. I immediately receive holidays off compared to always, or having the option and a ranking system to determine which I would receive off or get paid overtime for working on those days. It’s also a bonus when you have snow days in the winter and still get paid to work when the roads are too hazardous to drive.

Marie Kondo Cleanse

I recently went through all my things and cleaned out my belongings. This happened before my move but it’s been a great addition to my life. I now don’t spend as much, or have as many things.

I still splurge on a few errant items but they either bring me joy, such as a compilation of G-2 pens, or serve a purpose, like my shoe rack or my avocado pit remover utensil. While I still have a messy apartment every once in a while, everything has a spot now. I know where to put everything and I’m not as scatter brained about it all. I’m more consistent and have a routine about things to make sure I’m not as overwhelmed with a big mess. ex


For me, health is very broad. I’m starting to see it as smaller pieces, so I don’t become as overwhelmed, just like I had to do with my cleaning.

I’ve started, and advise anyone thinking about it, going to a therapist again. I know I develop depressive episodes and, with the death of my dad, I tend to feel lost sometimes when figuring out my life. My therapist has been able to help me sort out these feelings and make a proactive plan to address a lot of my concerns and problems.

With the help of my therapist and my doctor, I’ve also been setting the goal for myself to eat better and exercise more. It’s been a slow going transition for me to really be comfortable about many of these things. Most days I just want the easy thing and grab some food through the drive through, but I know that won’t help me financially or health-wise in the long run. My goal is to be eating from home basically 6-days a week, give up soda and alcohol, and exercise about 3x per week. Like I said it’s slow going, but I’m confident I’ll be able to work it out.


This has probably been my hardest one but it’s also the one that’s definite so it’s easiest to follow. Over the last few years, my finances have been all over the place. With moves, school, my job, I’ve had a few set backs and used credit more than I care to admit.

I truly believe most people will not be able to be totally debt free, with mortgages, cars, emergencies, etc. I do, however, believe you can have reasonable charges to those cards/loans and you should be able to afford or surplus on those payments comfortably. I know on most of my cards or loans I am or will potentially have trouble with them if I let them get even more out of control. I’m almost done with about 3 of my cards which is a relief but to the other extent I’m realizing what I would like to spend/splurge for next. Some are expected. My car is over 10 years old; my laptop is about 8; etc. Some things just need updating. It still makes me nervous to still have to save versus buying it now on credit somewhat. Mainly just a time versus income type of situation. I’ve tried coming to terms with doing a bit of both, pay for some of it while putting the rest on credit, but that’s still a time vs. income situation as well depending on when I might have to upgrade.

I’m also having to consider my credit score in the scheme of things. Mine currently isn’t bad but, I know it’ll help me in the long run, as far as making positive impacts and working towards improving there. That’s also why I’m trying to work on keeping my cards in a more reasonable range so I don’t impact it negatively, like I did while I was in Wisconsin. It’s easy to make it drop whereas it’s a lot more difficult to improve.

I have been trying to be more proactive in things, like planning out my grocery lists or eating from home more as well. I think comparatively I’m doing much better now compared to when I was in Wisconsin but it’s still a long road to go. I think this is helping me health-wise and financially. It’s not as burdensome to cook for the week, however, it is harder to motivate myself to not eat out on my way to and from work. I know it’s baby steps but it’s still difficult.

Overall, everything has been looking up, despite it being a bit of a struggle at times. I’m hoping it gets easier but I also know once I get something done, another hurdle will take it’s place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to prepare and expect the process a bit more though, with time at least.

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