6 Advantageous Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs

6 Advantageous Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs

There are an abundance of deals during the Black Friday pandemonium, and that’s no different for Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs the same as everyone else?” Well, sort of but not really.

When I started getting serious about learning photography and looking into the right gear, I knew my best chance at getting the best deal to save money was going to be around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As an entrepreneur, you might not always have that chance to wait until Black Friday, but that makes it even more important to focus on what you can take advantage of during Black Friday deals.

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on your next piece of equipment or grabbing a steal for your next learning opportunity, each of these 6 Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs allows you to be one step closer to chasing that successful lifestyle.

Here are a few Black Friday deals entrepreneurs should be taking advantage of:

Black Friday Deal #1: Electronics

Everyone wants the newest and cutting edge gadgets, and entrepreneurs are no different. The difference is entrepreneurs know when it’s important to stick with the older models before springing for the upgrade.

Think of the Mark Zuckerburg t-shirt scenario. Zuckerburg consistently wears the same style and type of grey shirt, despite being a billionaire. The Facebook mogul still lives way below his means to afford other aspects concerning his business and lifestyle.

While having the coolest electronics might be a sign of luxury, it’s not necessarily putting you on the road to a successful lifestyle.

That being said, if your electronics are on their last leg, grabbing something during a Black Friday deal for your business will be helpful. It’s an economically and financial steal of a deal.

Most products, like laptops or desktops, photography equipment, home appliances and other miscellaneous gadgets are bound to have some Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs in store.

Black Friday Deal #2: Classes/Courses

Many entrepreneurs and companies offer discounted courses or classes for their products for Black Friday deals. If you are interested in learning a new language or a new software that could give you an edge against the competition, it’s something to think about when purchasing this Black Friday deal.

Being able to continue learning outside of the classroom is essential to a successful lifestyle, and being able to learn at a discount is great to include for Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs.

Even if you continue learning with extra reading material or a program, like learning a new language, chances are you will be able to find Black Friday deals. Barnes and Noble even runs about 20 percent off on their books and audio programs during their Black Friday deals.

Plus, learning new things is imperative to a successful lifestyle. Grabbing any Black Friday deals is just an extra bonus.

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Black Friday Deal #3: Photography Bundles

I tend to hover around Black Friday photography bundle deals due to being creatively inclined, but regardless, certain cameras, lenses and accessories are great to look into for Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs.

This is one you really need to do your homework on as a Black Friday deal.

Photography equipment is great when you can snag a great deal on it. It’s useful but only if you use it.

Beginner photography tools are usually boiled down to the camera, lenses, flashes, and a tripod. Everything else, you can purchase or borrow/make from the home living department and hardware store.

Product photography is a great tool to have in your arsenal. If your building a business that depends on a product, no matter what it is, it’s helpful to be able to photograph appealing images to promote the products your selling. If you can outsource this service, that’s fine but knowing the terminology and familiarity with the type of aesthetic you’re looking for is also helpful. So having a low grade camera and equipment for emergencies would be a beneficial Black Friday deal for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

Black Friday Deal #4: Software

Do you plan on using Microsoft anytime soon in your business? Adobe Creative Suite? Will you be doing your own taxes and book-keeping?

Software with Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs is a great opportunity. Even if you receive only a portion of the software at a discount, that’s a few months with reduced pricing compared to the full-price.

Buying software during Black Friday is also a great opportunity to see if certain products are worth buying yourself or potentially outsourcing to someone else. If you’ve gone through the process of learning how to do the book-keeping for your supplies and workers, but you know your time is more valuable elsewhere, it’d be a good decision to look into outsourcing that task.

Even if you do end up outsourcing, you know what to expect and what to ask in the interview when you hire someone else!


Black Friday Deal #5: Travel

Self-care is essential for successful lifestyles. So take a break from your business and take advantage of these Black Friday deals on travel!

Most airlines have some type of deal or promotion on certain cities for their Black Friday deals.

Don’t want to go too far? Look into trains or car rental deals! Trains are making a slight comeback, both because they are cheaper and they offer a different view while traveling.

Travel is also essential for the successful lifestyle. It allows you to experience the world from another point of view and broadens your horizons. You don’t have to go far to see different world views.

You might also plan further in the future if you want to attend conferences or have any potential client meetings in other parts of the country. Booking travel now would be both time efficient and would help you save money.

Black Friday Deal #6: Memberships or Subscriptions

Thinking about joining up with a monthly stock photo subscription? Maybe there’s a rewards system for a company that offers lower sign-up rates for their Black Friday deals compared to other times in the year?

It’s helpful to look at discounted memberships for Black Friday deals for entrepreneurs due to learning about the impact a decision might have when looking at the end result.

Successful entrepreneurs analyze the cost of every deal. If the membership Black Friday deals are going to cost them more over the long run or they’re not sure of the subscription’s impact on their business, they tend to put in more cost analysis in their decision. Don’t let the deal fool you into spending more money!

Need more study material to pursue your successful lifestyle? Now is also the time to look into getting that new subscription to the New York Times or enrolling for a Barnes and Noble membership card.


Black Friday deals allow entrepreneurs to get great savings on starting or improving their business. Any other time of the year, you’re most likely not going to get the incredible deals you will see on Black Friday deals. This can range from budles, lower prices, or even extra coupons for future purchases (I’m looking at you Target.)

While there are many deals that go on around Black Friday, there are a few Black Friday deals entrepreneurs should take advantage of, no matter what.

If you want to work on improving your business, Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales are some of the best lowest prices you will get year-round. Otherwise, you have to determine if the items are worth the full-price or without the bundle.

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