Best business magazines for the start-up entrepreneur and business owner

Best business magazines for the start-up entrepreneur and business owner

To create a successful lifestyle, it’s important to curate a lot of reading material. It’s said that of this successful habit only 11 percent of successful entrepreneurs and business owners read for leisure. Otherwise, they are reading to improve themselves or find inspiration from events or people they admire.

Even if magazines aren’t considered long-form writing, every magazine is curated to spread information. Each magazine has a niche and angle for their market and audience to read their magazine, but their information can be helpful for the right audience member.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know I am fascinated by magazines. Doesn’t matter what niche they’re in: business magazines, fashion magazines, wedding magazines, you name it, I’ve probably owned a copy at one point or another.

While trying to conquer a successful lifestyle, I’ve sworn off subscribing to magazines on a regular basis, but I allow my budget to have a bit of room to splurge on a few here and there. Especially since I’m fairly specific about ‘needing’ to buy a particular magazine and don’t buy them every month anyway, I don’t see the point in subscribing over a long length of time.

Usually they draw me in by having a relatable person on the front, but, other times, I can get drawn into flipping open a magazine by its content or theme for that issue.

That being said, here are a few reasons why I would pick up a magazine, or much less, buy one:

  1. The person/celebrity/entrepreneur on the front.

    I have quite a collection of Emma Watson featured magazines in my collection. She’s an inspirational entrepreneur for my business, both with her ideals and aspirations. In a fairly vague way, Emma Watson is my ideal client: educated, late-20’s or early 30’s, and wanting to succeed in her professional and personal life.

  2. An enticing article.

    If an article seems like it will help with my business or help me narrow down any trends in my business market, I tend to take a peek. Most articles revolve around business advice, successful lifestyle inspiration, or money saving tips.

  3. An interesting theme for the magazine.

    I still have a Harvard Business Review magazine from a few years ago, because it was centered around how business was revolving around design. It wasn’t necessarily straight-forward in what I thought the articles would contain, but it is still a great, well-rounded theme for this business magazine to compile.

  4. Creative magazine design or layout.

    The reason I pick up most wedding and fashion magazines is due to their creative magazine design or layout. It’s easy to be blocked into a template or become too rigid in your branding to have fun with a new creative design, especially with print layouts. When you have the guts to try something new, it will at least get a reaction, and hopefully a good one.

  5. Special edition or unique version of magazine.

    When I step into a Barnes and Noble, where I usually find special or international versions, I tend to look for well-traveled magazines. Sometimes, I don’t have to go far; others, I have to go across the Atlantic.

When you’re starting your business, you might not be thinking about buying magazines, much less who’s on the cover of one.

But it’s important to learn from all avenues of writing. You also don’t have to be bored to tears while reading the material. Call it light reading, but a magazine usually will usually take up less room than your standard book.

When it comes to business inspiration or successful entrepreneur tips, I seem to circle around a few business magazines in particular.

I will recommend a few vaguer niche magazines that are helpful for the start-up entrepreneur, but most of these are great for successful business owners and business start-ups as well.

Best business magazine for technology: WIRED


WIRED is well-known as the tech mogul for business magazines. Not only will WIRED inform you on all the up-to-date tech you need (or want), but they will keep you informed about businesses outlooks on technology.

Is AI taking over your job? Will print die in the digital age? How safe is the cloud for your business documents?

Not only does WIRED keep you up-to-date on your tech questions, it will also delve into industries and the practicalities, nuances, and power-players that might relate directly to your business or the marketing associated with your business.

Best business magazine for start-up entrepreneurs: Success

Success is not technically a business magazine, however, many of its profiles revolve around starting a business or successful entrepreneurs. Success magazine targets success lifestyles that have made an impact or notoriety.

Not only does it go into profiles for successful lifestyle inspirations, Success also goes into how to reach wide arrays of success. This business magazine looks into how to create a better work environment, how to lead a happier life and many more topics that could help you succeed in life.

Best business magazine for market research: Business Insider

Business Insider looks into the market on many different levels. From new arrivals to breakdowns of graduating classes,Business Insider reports on anything that might reflect on the business sphere.

If you want to know about going to grad school or looking into that business start-up, you might check the competition out on Business Insider.

Business Insider also overlooks the global business sphere so you’ll get a great overarching view of the market.

Best business magazine for new businesses: Inc.

Inc. is probably one of the more edge-defying magazine layout designs as far as the business sector is concerned. Closely associated with new businesses and start-up entrepreneurs,Inc. makes a point to market towards trend-setting newcomers with profitable companies. If you want to become one of those success stories, try reading how they did and get inspired by their story in Inc.

Inc. is also a partner with Fast Company. Both magazines help curate start-up entrepreneurs and inspirational business owners to spread their wealth of information.

Best business magazine for workplace culture: Harvard Business Review

As previously mentioned, I still have at least one old copy of Harvard Business Review in my revered collection of magazines. While a bit on the pricier side, Harvard Business Review wants to make the workplace a coveted, productive and efficient environment people want to work within.

While not always equipped with the most inspirational cover art, Harvard Business Review is bound to give you the best advice and findings to make your professional life successful.

Best business magazine for workplace wardrobe: GQ (for men), Harper’s Bazaar (for women)

GQ and Harper’s Bazaar are my personal magazine picks for the best workplace wardrobe tips and inspiration. The reason: I tend to prefer a slightly conservative yet modern twist on the workplace wardrobe.

Your picks can vary depending on your style, your income, and your industry.

I’d specifically pick a fashion magazine compared to a magazine with a fashion section. That way you can devote your undivided attention to develop your image to reflect your ambitions.

Best business magazine for your niche: Adweek, Brides of Oklahoma, ELLE

This is another business magazine that can vary. You can also have multiple versions for this magazine as well, as there will probably be many facets of your business that you will want to keep tabs on.

For me, I want to keep tabs on Advertising and Marketing markets, so I like keeping up to date with Adweek; but I also want to find inspirational magazine layout designs, so I like to keep up to date with Brides of Oklahoma and ELLE. Everyone has different styles and interests, so look into your niche to find notable and relatable business magazines. I recommend searching for local, national, and international publications to have a wide scope of your market.


Finding literature that directly supports your business start-up can be difficult, especially finding current and relevant topics. Business magazines can prove helpful for both of those concerns.

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