Current business news sources that give the best business advice

Current business news sources that give the best business advice

Who has the time to sift through a magazine for today’s business news?

I can’t remember the last time I spent the time to read a whole business news article or better yet a whole business publication.

It’s hard to get readers’ attention in today’s media climate. Due to the influx of media and business news available to the public, I tend to focus my attention towards columns, sections, and proven content.

Some of the current prime business news proprietors are: the New York Times, Inc., Forbes, TIME, Harvard Business Review, SUCCESS, among others. But even further are content creators, columnists, corporations, and more that facilitate business news articles that create a conversation about successful businesses and its practices.

I tend to draw away from a single entity that provides current business news about today’s business markets and start-up business advice. I love to see successful business profiles and companies that provide great inspiration as well as information, but I never like finding my information from one sole source either.

Here are some of my favorite lesser known corporations, columnists and others that provide today’s business news.

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Ask a Boss | Alison Green | The Cut

Ask a Boss is a weekly column by Alison Green with The Cut. She provides anything from career advice, professionalism tips for in the workplace, and an array of professional topics.

Alison answers a wide range of questions, from the interview process to negotiating a severance package, from being the entry-level employee to the seasoned upper-management position. She doesn’t pick sides and each viewpoint gives current business news and advice to the audience.

Ask a Boss doesn’t solely appeal to women. While The Cut is primarily targeted to trendy, cultured women, Ask a Boss is helpful for either and all genders.

While she answers your professional questions every Thursday for the working, trendy woman of today, Alison also has 2 books that might entice start-up business owners and entry-level professionals. Ask a Manager covers various conversations that you might encounter in the workplace and Managing to Change the World covers how to make an impactful non-profit business.

If you have a question for Alison’s column, email her. If you’d like to subscribe to Ask a Boss, enter your email.

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InHerSight provides the latest business news for women in business. Not only does it provide recent business articles, it also provides business feedback for female employees, professionalism advice, and female business content.

According to their about us section, InHerSight was created by data enthusiasts to create a more informed female workforce.

I enjoy reading InHerSight’s content because they cover a wide array of topics. I’m able to search for the best companies to apply for as a woman, where to find flats for the workplace, and how to navigate the workforce politics when it becomes unbearable. Each topic is separate but available to me when I want or have time to view the content.

I recommend following InHerSight’s LinkedIn profile, but their site also promotes almost daily e-newsletters from their team.

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Lunch with D CEO | D CEO

I haven’t been in Dallas, Texas in years, but I like looking at D CEO’s monthly Lunch with D CEO for inspiration. It not only illustrates the subject, but also the profile of a successful business owner, entrepreneur, or public figure.

D CEO is one of many D Magazine Partners, Inc. in Dallas. D Magazine Partners, Inc. also delves deeper into the healthcare and real estate market within the Dallas area, compared to just business news.

Based on D CEO’s current and past cover stories, it does promote mainly male centered business entities, but that’s not to say females are not portrayed in this segment. It tends to favor a gender for a few months before switching to the other, to show varied profiles each month.

Lunch with D CEO allows you a conversational approach to some of the most successful business influencers in one of the U.S.’ biggest markets. While each article is your standard departmental length, maybe 500-1,000 words, each conversation is very easy going and personal towards each profile.

Want more Lunch with D CEO? Join any or all of the D Magazine e-newsletters.

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Whether you view this content routinely throughout your business news cycle or just browse them every once in a while, each source provides ample and consistent content for business start-ups, entry-level professionals, and seasoned employees.

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