E-newsletters that should be filling your inbox

E-newsletters that should be filling your inbox

Tired of having the same e-newsletters cluttering up your inbox?

I try to be very particular about which e-newsletters I allow in my inbox. Some are great for getting information I’m currently working on, such as email course series, but others I tend to glance at and immediately archive.

Others serve a lasting purpose. I’m always looking for new business advice or tips to start investing, so these e-newsletters tend to make a longer lasting impact than an enticing freebie that caught my eye.

While a freebie is a great way to catch my attention, the true nature of an email opt-in is retaining your audience’s attention over a length of time.

Here are a few e-newsletters that have stood the test of time in my inbox:


Melyssa Griffin

I love Melyssa’s content in her e-mails because it’s always easy-to-read content that’s relevant to my blog and business. I’m always able to have a wide range of content and still have a business focused piece of content to learn something from.

I receive e-newsletters from Melyssa at least once a week. Sometimes more depending on if I’ve signed up for any of her content.

While you will get sale pitches and reminders for said sales, Melyssa keeps everything to-the-point and targeted when selling. She still keeps the focus on promoting your business rather than her own.

Melyssa also tends to focus on the effects or by-products of business. Her most recent email had to do with burn-out and how to avoid and recover from it.

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What the Elle by Ellevest

What the Elle gives you all the information or advice you might need about investing. What the Elle caters specifically to women investing in the stock market.

Ellevest prepares content for various mediums, whether that means videos, podcasts, or written articles. What the Elle is delivered to my inbox about once a week. I do receive other email from Ellevest, but each is separated by different titles. What the Elle by Ellevest is solely dedicated to their e-newsletter, others, such as Ellevest Operations or Ellevest Team, are segregated for other tasks.

Each e-newsletter provides a few ways to increase your earning potential with your portfolio as well as how the company of Ellevest is conducting itself out in the world. So no matter if you want to check out the CEO on the Daily Show or learn how to pay off your debt quicker, Ellevest has a connection to that.


Ruth Soukup

I’ve been following Ruth Soukup’s content for a few years now. She was one of the first bloggers that turned me on to my own blogging experience.

Ruth promotes both her blog and other campaigns, like her Do It Scared campaign or the Elite Blog Academy, through her e-newsletters. That being said, they tend to keep separate, so if you only want to receive content updates regarding her site, it won’t send you content regarding Do It Scared.

Ruth also tends to send more emails compared to many other e-newsletters that I’ve been a part of. I tend to get one from her main account every few days.

While I tend to get more content from Ruth, I also would say her emails tend to have a much more defined style to them. They promote various aspects of her site, so not only am I getting an overview of her business, but I also get to see what’s happening in her podcast this week or a lifestyle tip that I might be missing out on.


Robinhood Snacks

Need some more investing news? Try Robinhood Snacks.

Robinhood Snacks is based on the investment app Robinhood. Not only does it talk about the market but it also gives podcast recommendations, company trends, and what’s upcoming on their website’s content.

Just like a snack, Robinhood Snacks gives you digestible content to work through in an email. It can tell you about why some stocks are down, or up, and how to learn more about investing. It’s also great if you need a comedy reference throughout your week, if Will Ferrell wasn’t prominent enough.

Robinhood Snacks e-newsletter tends to make an appearance every week so it’s never too heavy in its publication topics but it does keep you informed.

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HerPaperRoute is managed by Chelsea Clarke, a marketer and blog-flipper extraordinaire. I love her e-newsletters because there’s always some type of advice I’m able to find to help me learn new ways to promote and market my blog.

Chelsea tends to promote a lot fof free content on her blog as well, so if you ever need advice she probably has many different ways to get it in her free resource library.

Chelsea’s e-newsletters tend to be fairly short and to-the-point. Nothing is too embellished and everything has a point in her e-mails.

I tend to get HerPaperRoute e-newsletters a few times a week. Each is different but usually curtailed to marketing topics to promote and make money from your blog.


SUCCESS magazine

I’ve been a pretty big fan of SUCCESS magazine for a few years now. Their content is pretty diverse but are always looking at the next best thing to help others promote a successful lifestyle.

Most e-newsletters that I’ve received are from SUCCESS magazine Editor-in-Cheif, Josh Ellis. He usually focuses his content on one singular topic, compared to SUCCESS magazine’s SUCCESS Team email, which covers a wider array of topics covered in the magazine and on the blog.

I don’t get many update e-newsletters from Josh or the general SUCCESS magazine staff. Both editions come to my inbox a few times every week, maybe every two days or so. Each one, however, is similar to Josh’s where most topics are very straight-forward and to-the-point.

The content in each e-newsletter is curated for that week and provides tips or a case study of success. The topics vary and create a fun surprise to see in your inbox every few days.


Whether your looking for something new to try in your business, need some tips from the experts, or just need to find your motivation to forward your business, each of these e-newsletters should provide an array of help for every successful mindset.

Looking for a new e-newsletter to subscribe to? Try Creatively Working’s bi-monthly e-newsletter! At only two e-mails per month, I’m sure to keep your inboxes spam free.

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