Pacing it to the Finish Line

So I have never deemed myself as athletic. I am almost the oxymoron of athletic when you really think about it. Although, I happen to be very proud of the fact that I can now run 2 miles without stopping. Even though it has been about a week since that has happened, I still am determined to run a 5K. The 3.16 miles of the 5K seem just in my grasp that I do not want to think about stopping anytime soon so I looked around. 1. Zombie Rampage 5K sponsored by the MU Rowing Club in Columbia, Missouri.

2. For the Kids 5K sponsored by the Dance Marathon Club in Columbia, Missouri.

3. 'Stache Dash 5K sponsored by Stuff to Do in Columbia, Missouri.

Most of these races are close to campus ('Stache Dash actually starts at Memorial Union and ends at the Student Center) and are around $15 ('Stache Dash is free). The close proximity, small cost and the creativity of these runs caught my attention and the fact that most of these are sponsored within organizations of Mizzou allowed me to pick up on their credibility and reliability of having a fun and safe environment.


Love Your Body Day | StuffToDo