Well this is going well. I seem to start forgetting the little things as this semester drags on. Unfortunately my twitter and wordpress seem to be in that category along with some reading that I put off until the weekend for some of my classes. I guess this is not unusual however it puts back some of my goals that I am trying to accomplish this semester. I will list a few to give you an idea of what stresses have been implemented this last week: 1. Getting all A's to raise my G.P.A.

2. Become involved in at least 2 groups on campus

3. Work-out regularly throughout each week

4. Eat as healthy as possible but of course do NOT always eat salads (It is extremely boring)

5. Go to work about 3 times a week

So if this does not tell you what I have on my plate then I do not know what does. Unfortunately this last week was the most stressful and I think I had the least going on. However that being said I had an Macroeconomics and Cross Cultural Journalism test planned for the same day. Both, I felt, went awful despite the time I used to study for them. I have also fallen behind on the exercise, work and healthy eating due to stress. YAY! (note: sarcasm). I do not plan for my goals to be easy but I know I NEED to reach them. Not just to do better for myself but to show myself that I can accomplish something worthwhile at school. It is not like I do not feel accomplished, I just feel like I could do more and make my performance better at what I do. Hopefully I will at least have an easier time in the future although I doubt it at the moment. It would not be worth reaching if I did not have to work at it I guess.

Organization is my Superpower. BAZINGA!

Pacing it to the Finish Line