Dividing lines: Class and Occupation

When reading Doing Gender, Doing Class, I was reminded of an article I recently read about my own field of study, journalism. The article, published in the Guardian, discussed the difference of class and occupation opportunities between students who graduated with degrees in journalism. The article informs people about the hardships of being successful in New York with an unpaid internship with limited resources, mainly money. For me, this is very similar to the how the strippers are divided in Doing Gender, Doing Class. By no means am I saying that you might have an anomaly, who can breach that gap but like we have learned, it is very disorienting at points.

Some other examples I found really easy to relate to with this reading was My Fair Lady. My friend Rachel in performed as Eliza when they performed this musical during my junior year in school. She would constantly comment on how difficult it was to learn the Cockney accent for the part. Eliza also goes through a similar gap that many people in the class she goes into don't understand. She feels like what is happening is the same as the gentleman, however, it is easier for the outsider, or the higher class like in My Fair Lady, to see the "small" differences between the two classes.


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