First Missourian Story

I was asked to write my first story today at the Missourian. While the story was less than 150 words, it was a really good piece for me to ease into the next few weeks. It reminded me of the Shakespearean quote, "Though she be but little, she is fierce."

My tractor trailer accident story was similar to what my J2100 News Writing professor, Mr. Thomas Pantera, started us with when we began the class in January. My story for him was based off of a car accident and a burglary for previous police reports and both ranged from about 75-100 words. Starting off with that smaller story made me feel more at ease not just with my expectations also with talking to people by telephone. I am much more comfortable while talking face-to-face and feel like I have to have a push to start talking to people over the phone. I believe it is based on not seeing reactions and being able to read facial cues to evaluate the conversation.

The most conscientious aspect of writing this article would the fact checking behind the story. I was scared that I would have something wrong after I had written off of the news release from the fire department but it was much less nerve racking than I originally thought.

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