Disney: Fact, Exaggeration, and Pure Fantasy

While growing up, like most girls, I watched countless Disney movies. As far as my parents can recall, Lion King was one of my favorites, which for this context of the course is a bit odd. While this does not necessarily pertain to the image of women as the Disney Monopoly lecture informed us of, it does raise other valid points from our class. The lion pride is very much like a "stereotypical" family unit in most cases. The females get dinner, keep the cubs entertained and is there for the males every whim, while the male is the leader and sits around doing "nothing." Like in the Lion King, Sarabi is usually seen bathing Simba, Nala prepares food and is concerned for the pride when Scar becomes the alpha. The domestication in the Lion King, however, does not necessarily show that females are not always dainty. When Nala finds Simba with Timon and Pumba, she is able to appear very ferocious even though it is short lived.


The other example from the Lion King would be identifying yourself as something other than what others perceive you as. I am referencing when Simba is in the forest with Timon and Pumba. He is identifying as a creature from the forrest when he is classified as a lion from the jungle by the pride. This is another great example of context as well since he separates  these identities for himself with one in the forest and the other at Pride Rock.


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