Supreme Court Rulings

Was it just me or did the Supreme Court rule just in time for this lesson on Marriage? Not that it's a bad thing.

When the two rulings were released on Wednesday, I had started my second day as a reporter for the Columbia Missourian for one of my required classes for my journalism degree. After a tense morning to update the courts rulings many reporters were trying to cover various aspects of the new verdicts and how it will affect the state of Missouri. After reading an article in the Missourian on Thursday on the effects of the rulings for a local same sex couple in Columbia in the morning paper, I was slightly disappointed on the affects it had directly for the two states I reside in, Oklahoma and Missouri. Since neither of these states recognize same sex marriage, the couple in those states are still at a disadvantage compared to say Iowa, who recognizes it.

It also left quite a few unanswered questions I am still searching for but I believe they will come in time.

One of the most pertinent to me personally is: how will it effect FAFSA? Considering FAFSA is a federally operated program how will the department rise to the occasion after the Court's ruling? This also is wishy washy because not all states recognize same sex marriages but will they recognize it nation wide for schooling? Again, I think we just need time to answer these questions.

Another reason I brought up the rulings is because of the way we will define marriage for same sex couples. Such as in the lecture, will household work compared to breadwinning become more apparent in same sex couples when we institute marriage together with the same as heterosexual couples. While the evidence at the time says there is none, I wonder if that might change when a category of people can be seen under a different set of expectations. Only time will tell.

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