Rally for freedom story

Doing this story, I couldn't believe how disorienting it was. I have covered events and such but nothing to this extent in terms of focus. The rally was supposed to be over whistle-blowers and the groups support of their efforts. After a while though, people started talking about other topics such as human rights and patriotism.

I was really disappointed that they didn't have much of a clear-cut point. When talking to people while they protested at the corner of Providence and Broadway streets, I felt like I was listening to propaganda rather than getting a story. It was hard to decipher what could be used as a quote for what they were doing there in terms of the rally compared to what they wanted me to know in terms of what they were supporting.

I am really grateful that Lakshna was with me to help out in terms of trying to figure out what might be good and what to ask of people. She really came through for quotes and wording when we came back to the newsroom to finish up the story.

Finding the Story

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