Finding the Story

I have found finding stories to be incredibly difficult. It is more of the fact that I have a difficult time understanding what is expected of my stories. After lecture on Thursday, the definition that our ideas need to have was very unprecedented. With J2100 and J2150, I had grown accustomed to running with a topic and talking to people before I was able to really get an idea on where the story would go and what to focus on.

Starting from news releases and events help a bit in terms of what to look for in a story but it's going out and getting a story based on people alone that I believe will start to catch up to me.

When doing my personal profile in the J2100, I was slightly nervous but I already had my target subject in mind before I started the project. I think for going out and finding "sidewalk stories," as Mr. Schneller and Ms. Liz Brixey has said, is a lot harder for me to get used to. Going up to random people is not something that I am accustomed to doing. Usually I am able to find some sort of connection with them before hand to make an introduction easier to work with.

I think once I attend more events, I will feel more at ease with this part of reporting but I will just need time to become accustomed to it.

It's been a while...

Rally for freedom story