4th of July Sit in

So there are only four reporters in the staff room on the 4th of July. It seems like the best opportunity to get some blog posts done at least. Danielle, Lakshna, Youngray and myself are all sitting here trying to seem productive. Youngray is probably the only one being so. It makes sense since most of us will be going to the fireworks and evening activities in a bit to get our vignettes. At least in terms of being entertained is present. Danielle, Lakshna and I have been drawing for kicks. A moose, cow, Tigger, and Goofy are the fruit of our efforts as we try to refrain from saying how bored we are every few seconds. At least I am. I'm sitting and just jammin' out to my music. Well that and playing FloodIt! on my iPhone. I think I've won one game. Yay me!

Well, I did attend Mojo's. It was actually really fun and relaxed. I had never been so getting there and finding this place was a good personal orientation assignment for me. I also have realized I'm getting better at approaching people to talk to in random situations, however, I think I need to work on asking the right questions.

While I did go to Mojo's and found some people that were really nice and easy to talk to, I guess my aspect of the 4th of July was not focused enough or resonated like Lakshna's, Danielle's, or Claire's did. I was really disappointed and frustrated when I learned that my portion was not in the story but I still think as a whole that the story went and flowed well as is so I'm proud that it went well for the others in the group.

The least sleep since...

In other news...