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Recently I posted on the Supreme Court Rulings on the federal aspects of gay couples' marriage and benefits. Today I saw this article on my twitter feed from the LA Times as I sat at the Missourian. I thought people would like to see it and make some of their own opinions about the decision. I will post a bit more once the festivities of the 4th conclude at the end of the day. UPDATE

So now that the 4th is over let's talk about this a bit. When originally posting about this I pretty much glanced at the title and said cool this is interesting and put it up on the website. However, after reading it more extensively along with another article that my friend Rachel Swinney wrote at the Missourian, I think that it is important to talk about some of these issues.

After watching one of the lecture in week 5, one of the aspects under the gender gap I believe struck me. I kept on hearing about transgendered individuals and remembering "My Life as a Man" and "What it means to be Gendered me" in Kaleidoscope. While neither of these women identified as a man in their own personal lives it is still easy to see how people affect transgender people in everyday situations like going to the bathroom. While I will say that I would be slightly uncomfortable about the fact that someone other than a woman was in a restroom with me, I am glad that people are going about this situation in a positive way. They are not allowing people to necessarily conform to a gender in Swinney's article but making it more comfortable for everyone by not having a stigma in the first place.

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