What does the meat do?

When we talked about women being compared to meat, I can't help but compare some aspects of anorexia and bulimia that are perceived in the media. I think about the image of girls looking into the mirror and tugging at different parts of their body. They just look like they are sizing themselves like someone would at a horse or car auction. You would look underneath the hood to see what kind of power the car had or see how thick the ankles are of a horse to see how strong and capable it is. It's not as if it's hard enough for people in this time period to have some fat on their bodies so that they can function. Bodies have to have fat to store extra fuel in times that it needs it. Having too much fat could become unhealthy but, especially for women, we need fat on our bodies to reproduce and live healthy lives. I feel like when people compare women to meat or a product in general, they are just asking for more instances of anorexia and other disorders, like depression or anxiety, to happen more frequently. Just like men, we value others' opinions of us in certain situations and time and being compared to these materialistic objects just make it more prone to happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJuAGbsPu4w

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