My upcoming project apparently.

So, I wrote this article over two Columbia tennis courts being renovated and it has become the ongoing project for the time being. At the end of this press release, it forewarned us that the 2014 SEC Tennis Championships will be coming to Mizzou. I have been tracking down various people that are affiliated with the event and have made some good headway. However, yesterday after we heard a tip, I will be going back to the complex to see about some oil leakage that is effecting the courts there. I feel that right now I have bitten off more than I can chew but I think I am making it worse I think. I have one interview from the team, one interview from the coach which I will be revisiting and I tried to get as much information from the Athletic dept. but the person I was talking with was filling in for the person who knew more about the situation. I think technically I am in pretty good shape, just need "hunker down and scoot" as a favorite movie of mine once said(Lion King, if you don't remember).

Where art Thou, Sources?

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