While I wish everything would have gone as planned these last few days, I still think I got quite a bit accomplished. I got more insight to the I am One and the American Riviera(Daffodil Township) articles and will be working on those tonight and this weekend. The tennis story is actually getting some more feedback finally and I hope to get that looked at and done by the end of the week too. More because this has been a month long project that should have been finished earlier but at least it seem to be coming to a close, I think. At least one for a preview of what has been prepared for the championships. The most frustrating thing these past few days has been the multimedia project. Youngrae has been the primary contact with the source that we are filming and he has been a hassle in terms of negotiating a time with us and moving around at the last minute. We are contacting him later tonight to have an official time that will work well with everyone. I won't say that it is all his fault because some of it has been with my work schedule conflicting with things as well along with Show Me being assigned and then the plans changing on us after the fact. Everything will work out and I am excited about the progress that has been made today to further continue the stories that I have been looking at right now. Hope Liz and John have a great weekend!

Show-Me State Games Coverage Weekend