Show-Me State Games Coverage Weekend

So many stories, so little time. I covered three events from the weekend's Show Me Games. It was very hectic for parts of it. I think the most difficult event to cover was the gymnastics meet. There were several reasons why this was. It was on the main court in the Hearnes Center so I had a huge disadvantage to getting to the girls with how the layout of the gym was constructed. I was unsure of how close I could get to these girls because they were younger, so I was unsure about if I could even talk to some of them. I usually find where the anomalies are or what is standing out. For this event, it was really hard to see anything different. Eventually I found it but I focused on the wrong aspect of what was going on.

The people that I was talking with were telling me about some changes in the structure of the gymnastics program and it made sense to me after they explained it a little more but I wasn't able to get the whole story I think. I wanted to focus on that because it was the "news" of the story but it wasn't something that I could grasp for print.

When I went to Greg with the levels story he couldn't even understand what I was talking about the first time. The second time was better but still to complicated. He ended up telling me to go simpler for this and I found another angle. I wasn't really that proud of the piece as much as I wished I was but it has photos for the Sports page today so I guess it can't be too bad.

Miniature Golf is one of my new favorites