Almost... There...

Ugh. Home stretch blues. The one time where you need to be productive as possible and all you want to do is go home and sleep. At least I don't have to deal with moving right now. So I have Daffodil almost done. Needing a few more accuracy checks and content checks and we'll be good. I really liked working with Ms. Kogut though; she was a really interesting and wonderful person to work with.

Tennis should be done as well momentarily. I just need to hear some information from a person dealing with construction from campus facilities. Other than that it will depend on accuracy checks as well.

Then there's the peace coalition on Saturday with that I'll be working on with Lakshna on Saturday. I think that will end up okay especially if we are able to talk to the speakers beforehand.

Then there's multimedia that me and Youngrae are finishing up. I think that it won't reach my expectations but it will end up being okay in the end. We'll see.

So much in the queue! But at least it's almost done.

Bullying Film Story

Feeling so much better