Feeling so much better

I love it when I have a good amount and sound sleep. It makes everything seem so much better even when things might not be so great. Especially when you have 12 hours of sleep. Short story was that I was exhausted. I was really disappointed last night after me and Liz had some miscommunication issues. I knew it was my fault for not asking/telling information. I just don't like putting that sort of discomfort on someone as a lasting impression on the day. The story is almost done so at least it won't be in anyone's hair much longer.

I do really enjoy the topic that this story was able to bring out. I have my own problems with bullying that I have dealt with but it was really cool how they were addressing it. Like they have mentioned, the creators of this have been taking a new vantage point that not many people take into account. I would be glad to see this short film when it comes out!

Almost... There...

Miniature Golf is one of my new favorites