End of the Semester — for me

This semester has been crazy. There is very few alternative adjectives I am able to convey about this course. I have met so many new people in terms of my semester that I hope to keep in touch as I finish at MU. My table-mates — Lakshna, Danielle, Nicole — have always been open to talk and have been very helpful in voicing their opinions about what we are experiencing in the newsroom and outside of class. I feel like I really connected to those three this summer and I hope that we will all be able to keep in touch through the semester.

To Liz and John, I'm glad I have at least two followers for my blog. Despite how trivial my concerns, worries and jubilations were, I always knew Liz would probably mention it every once in a while that she actually had read what was going on in my life rather than just count the number of times I blog per week. She's probably hating that this is my third before the night is out as well. Sorry! Either way, I was really grateful to spend time with you both no matter how much I wanted to pull my hair out about whatever was bother at whatever point. You guys definitely made everyone feel helped and encouraged through your help.

In terms of my own progress through the semester, I think it is mainly internal. I think a lot about this semester has been about expanding where I see news, how to follow news well, and to just be more open to people. I think the last topic was the one that I expanded the most. I am generally really quiet and non-intrusive. I like to observe and write, which came in handy on some occasions but couldn't cut it for most of the things that I covered.

I think the articles that I feel most proud of this semester are the VW Bug and Bus Bash, mini-golf for the show me games, Daffodil Township, and (when it's up) the tennis story. I think that these have moulded into my experiences at the Missourian. They have made me a much better, well rounded reporter and have taught me how to extend past the obvious.

I really enjoyed this semester, despite that I am glad I am finished. :) I hope everyone has an awesome last week and can't wait to smile when everyone in the fall is complaining during class!

Finished with the prerequisite to start them all