Me and Lakshna got to this event and were not looking forward to it. The event was hosted by the peace coalition which we covered for a rally earlier in the semester. The people could just get very disorienting at times. They would give us a bunch of numbers and facts that we didn't really want to know in accordance for the event and topic. They were mostly ok minus a few exceptions but not all that bad today. We also had to do this on another deadline. It was more that we thought we had to get back to the dorms by a certain time and that was not the case. Thankfully we found out our miscommunication on the way back to the dorms. We were thinking that we would be locked out!

This is one of the last pieces that I am writing for the Missourian so I guess it is really cool that I can come full circle for this condensed semester.

End of the Semester — for me