While this was a short week, I don't think I really ever stopped going. Starting my new job, scheduling out Wishmaker's activities and going to class will make or break me this semester. It was a good week but one that will take some getting used to. As for this weekend, it will be one of relaxation. I have to work twice at Virginia Avenue but they are small shifts and later in the evening. I started off by going to Dobb's (because who doesn't like doughnuts, sausage and biscuits and gravy for breakfast?) and went back to sleep when I had some grub. I wasn't hurried to do anything and could go at my leisure.  It was awesome.

After I woke up from my "nap," I set up a time for my project with Wishmakers. We are hoping to run a Wish Week event to raise money for our wish kid. I have a few ideas that we can tie into the week for funds we can raise but I'll talk them over with Kristen, my partner in the event planning, before I release the information on here.

Next plan: DECORATE! I have been on campus for three weeks and I had still not decorated my room. I officially used all the available push pins to put up pictures on my bulletin board, posters on my wall and schedules of events around campus that I might want to go to like movies, football games, and Rec hours. Not too shabby, I must say. I still have to pin up my schedules for the semester but I'll wait until payday. That way I can make a big trip to Wal-mart while I go get some more push pins.

Don't worry, I'll get to studying sometime tonight/tomorrow. 100 pages of "The Italian" and preparing for a presentation will definitely kick me into gear at some point this weekend. At least I can be comfortable for a bit before the hectic schedule revs up again.

I think the class I am most worried about is, my english classes. It's not that they are hard classes but they just have a lot of reading that go along with everything. Reading certain authors multiple times has a great advantage though. One of my classes is surrounded by Jane Austen, who's books I have read multiple times. So at least I will be aware of some of the context that the teacher wants me to understand. The other english class I am more unaware about the authors and readings. I have read three or four of the authors and their assigned readings but I am just not as familiar with the works in that class. Thankfully, the classes are taught by the same teacher. While it wasn't really planned that way, at least she knows who I am and will be able to understand my writing style and comprehension level between the two classes more than a student in either one. At least that's what I hope happens through the semester.

Well, I should clean up a little before going to an early dinner. Everything has spread around after my time decorating. Have a good weekend!

Work, Wildlife and Waiting for the Weekend

Finished with the prerequisite to start them all