Work, Wildlife and Waiting for the Weekend

The last few weeks have been way too busy for my liking. Working around 20 hours during the school week along with having multiple assignments due, I finally realized I couldn't keep going on like this. This is what my schedule was looking like while working both jobs, being on the executive board for Wishmakers on Campus and taking 15 credit hours from Monday - Friday:

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 7.34.22 PM


Now, taking into account that Monday was Labor Day, I would usually have the same class schedule that Wednesday displays along with a possible Lane Bryant shift in there from about 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. While I can hardly complain about the financial pay back that both my jobs provide. Sometimes there is a breaking point. To finish the amount of homework that I had assigned to me this week, I was staying up well past midnight most nights. I was just plain exhausted after about Wednesday and this was a shortened week. I finally had to tell my supervisor at Lane Bryant about not taking shifts on Tuesday and Thursday for the time being so I could schedule in time to work on the homework that I wasn't finishing at the best of my ability as well as a decent hour. Thankfully I could work with that schedule since we place our availability every week rather than for a set amount of time. 

In other news, that doesn't require listening to me whine, I learned a bit about some interesting critters these last few weeks for a project that I am working on in my Intermediate Writing class. Our professor and Vox — a magazine that is connected but independent from the University — has set up an issue solely based on animals in Columbia, which has been dubbed "Where the Wild Things are." I started off with about four animals: toads, robins, skunks, and deer. Two of the four — deer and skunks — have deemed pretty promising and have actually been providing me with really interesting reading material the last few days. Robins and Toads — not so much. Two of my other classmates ended up with those two as they had some information that could use them for their stories better than I could by using them on my own.

Thankfully, now it is the weekend and while I am busy it is because I am having a tiny glimpse of my social life again and able to relax a bit before everything revs back up again. Hope everyone enjoys theirs!

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