$4 Million Tennis Story Finally published!

This is a bit late in the aspect that my story was printed about a month ago but I wanted to comment on how happy I was that my biggest struggle finally came into reality because of an awesome reporter. I had been working with this tennis story for over the course of the month during reporting and it was one of the longest assignments that I had the privilege to work on. So many people were involved and had to have time to find the correct information for me to use in the article that I didn't want it to just go to waste without publishing it. Not only that, but it was a big piece. MU has put $4 million into hosting the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Championships. That is a lot of money for a program that had a conference record of 2-11 and a 9-12 record overall. Don't get me wrong, a few of the players had amazing seasons but at the same time, our program is very small and, at least last year, was one of the lowest ranked teams in the SEC.

However, it wouldn't have been possible if it were not for the amazing Danielle Renton, who helped finish the story and oversee the editing process with me and Zach in the last few days that I was present. She finished my interviews and asked a few of the lingering questions that were surrounding the piece. It also happened to be one of the longest stories that I had written over the summer and lost very little in the editing process from what I remember. I was extremely proud of the product that Danielle produced a few days after I left and am so glad I could give it to her.

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