Little Changes Here and There

So I've made a few changes within the last week. I've been looking for a new hire at my Desk Supervisor job. I've asked not to work Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lane Bryant so I can focus on my work. I am working with some awesome organizations to feel good about myself. And last but not least, I am about a quarter of the way through the semester and I haven't flunked out yet. I don't know what it is but life just seems a bit more important than school right now. Don't get me wrong, my classes are great and I'm not doing horribly in them, I just — I guess I'm in a rut. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon but I don't know just in a funky mood lately.

My organizations are really keeping me going. I get to work with awesome people that are really passionate about their programs and want to succeed. They honestly make me feel so much better and feel like I'm not even working. It just feels like we're hanging out each week to keep in touch. Wishmakers on Campus and Anit-MU22 have been the two biggest impacts in my life at the moment and it's awesome to get to share my week with them. If you want any more information on the groups just comment or go their links to find their facebook pages. Their awesome people and will help and work with you to reach your goals through their organizations.

While I have been making a few changes, I still feel the same at the moment. I think just with the hustle and bustle of everything, I haven't really settled in to a good routine, especially when it comes to sleep. Trust me, I take time out for myself just a bit tired once in a while during the week really slows me down.

On a happy note, I turn 21 in a few weeks! Along with my sister but she gets to go to a shmansy pansy high dollar restaurant and the OU v Texas Football game. Which, lets be honest will be epic. :) She'll have an awesome time, I just need to have a plan of my own. Probably let my friends pay for my drinks and sleep in all weekend. At least I'll be happy even if it isn't that exciting.

Well off for food! When am I not getting food to be  honest? At least it will be better than it has been. Until next time!

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