New Changes Overload

Well, Hello! Isn't this a pleasant change? Am I actually writing a post for all three of my viewers? Oh, only one? That's okay. I'll take what I can get.

*Disclaimer: This post might be a bit more snarky than what is expected out of big 'ole me.

So many experiences, so many obstacles and the recurring fact that I need to really learn how to exercise is still a reoccurring fact in my daily life.

Well, it's a new semester with the same jobs, same school, same major and same lack of a social life.

So let's start with school. School: the thing that you pay for that is a job but is supposed to get you a job that you want so you can make money to pay back the loans that you took out to pay for school in the first place. Yeah, that.

Today was the first day of classes and the first time to really get my new schedule with work a try. Not that it really went as planned but hey what does on the first try? Starting off at 9 a.m. was not too bad, especially when I try to go to the book store, or excuse me, the Mizzou Store, to buy the last two books that the University Press has yet to supply the class with. While I know this first class of the semester will be harder than most, I also know it deals with the majority of the practical functions that I will need to know to start my career.

Then went two hours that I used to fill out my first internship application! Hopefully, it went well because it encompasses a lot of the objectives that I would want to pursue as a career and it's with National Geographic, so that in and of itself would be an amazing experience.

Then creative writing. Not too bad and at least there are a few familiar faces which I wasn't expecting at all. Once class ended was when it went downhill. I wish I could be literal but it was mainly uphill through my part of campus.

I finished class and was kinda happy about being done early. That was short lived. I arrived with my friend at the Student Center and realize my second coat(it's cold outside, cut me a break) is back in the classroom. On the third floor. With maintenance working on the elevator. Did I mention I need to learn how to exercise? Just thought I'd remind you.

Then we get to work. Work is fun the majority of the time. When it comes to the schedule, that puzzle needs to stay in its box. We are also short staffed so I expected it and thankfully everyone has been extremely cooperative and helpful in finding a way to get everything put together until the new people come on staff, which will (fingers crossed) be resolved by next week.

The other job seems to be fine. Lane Bryant had to cut some hours over the break apparently so they are fitting me in when they can but I can live with that. At least I'm still getting a few and I can focus on the desk a bit more for the time being.

Now. Major time. So many things going on. To start out: internships are one of the most annoying things to apply for. I'm trying to reach out and try to be appealing on paper to at least get me in the door but there's still so much that I feel can't be explained on two sheets of paper. I know the companies that I'm applying for know that and can empathize, it's just stressful. Especially when you know that you need one to get a decent job anywhere and if you don't, you show up with very little hands on experience which is a big deal in this industry. So as far as credibility and reliability go, you need a lot of it.

As far as a social life though, I've actually had more time with friends and relaxing than a while. A good long break was greatly needed, much deserved and well spent so at least now I'm not as stressed as I was towards the end of the semester but I still have a way to go. Maybe that exercise stuff will help with that. Eventually. When I can breathe and after I finish exercising is more like it.

Well, that's all I got for everyone! Or maybe just you...sitting by yourself...with a bed full of Cheetos...

Have a lovely semester!

Over the BRRR

Well... Boo.