Over the BRRR

I was excited for the new semester I said. I wanted spring I said. It's a new start I said. Only the last of those three statements happen to be true. It has been cold and seems to be eternally in this polar vortex that has hit the midwest. It's awful.

With Columbia Public Schools out for what seems like the eighth day now, I can't understand why it could be too cold for the students of those schools to stand outside for five minutes to wait on the busses compared to the 15 minute walk a college student to walk to and from about one to three classes on average during the day? I know there are other factors that are slightly involved but really? When the temperature is reading as -2 degrees at about 8 a.m. in the morning I still have to go to class, I feel as if something is wrong. And that's not even including when the wind shield made it feel like -20 earlier in the semester.

There are some aspects that I really enjoy about not being in public schools in terms of the make up days and the horrible busses but there are some aspects that I wish were more prominent in our school system. (teachers work day anyone?)

School hasn't made it much more bearable. Don't get me wrong there are days that I enjoy class or moments more like but they do make it bearable in some respects. English is going better in terms of the relative easiness of the class itself but the journalism classes are killing me slowly throughout the semester and we're not even half way through. Editing is being especially difficult. So much grammar is strangling my grade and making me feel very incompetent in my profession. I know it will be worth it and I can't wait for the day that I can make it my b****. That's the goal at least!

Work isn't that bad either. It's just in full swing so I going back and forth during this lovely weather and it's taking its toll. I'm hoping to make this semester a bit more relaxed in the concern to take a step back from work so I have some time to myself rather than just working at every possible moment. I like the paycheck but a chill weekend can work wonders that an extra $20 in my bank account can't always accomplish. So far so good but I know I'm also working the max still which isn't as bad either.

Well, back to work!

Near the finish line!

New Changes Overload