That time of year

That time of year

I’m not one to keep up with New Year resolutions but I know I have a few goals that I’d like to keep in mind throughout the year. So I’m putting them here to keep myself accountable.

Me, after a workout and a loss of 40 lbs. during the  Travis Garza  challenge.

Me, after a workout and a loss of 40 lbs. during the Travis Garza challenge.

Pay down debt

I’ve been struggling with credit debt and educational loans since I came back from Wisconsin and I’ve been organizing and planning on ways to decrease both amounts. Now that I have a stable job with a solid earning income, I’m able to act on it more and hope to keep it at a level where I can easily pay consistent amounts or at zero. Preferably at zero.

Work out/Eat healthier

I was able to start on this goal this summer with Travis Garza’s Weight Loss Challenges. It helped me frame my mindset to create healthy eating habits and a good workout routine. I think, as far as weight loss went, it was highly effective, if intense at times. I’m hoping to be able to make a consistent and regular payment and trips to the gym during the week.

Build a side hussle

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t felt like I’ve been able to focus enough energy on it. I’m hoping with the better physical and financial aspects, I’ll be able to work out a way to expand my network and find new ways for a bit of a side income. I’m not thinking a lot but, a few extra bucks is always helpful.

Be more independent

I’ll start with saying that I’m pretty independent already, I just want to be out of my mom’s house and be able to run my own house. I appreciate all she has done for me along with the fact that she has been able to support me while I find a full-time job along with everything else going on in my life. But there’s no place like your own home.

Save money for higher priced items

While I want to pay down my debt, I know there are a few things that I could stand to replace. My camera, my laptop, my car, etc. None of these things are done for at the moment but it’s good to prepare for them when I can, little by little. I’m hoping that I can at least get one of the things on my list by the end of next year and possibly be near getting two.

Again, I’m awful at resolutions so I hope that by putting it out there that I’ll be able to stay accountable with a few people. Maybe I’ll be able to keep some of these throughout the year.

End of another year

End of another year

New job!